Christmas Time!!!



It is officially Christmas time!!!

Not to sound so typical, but I really do love everything about this holiday. Between spending time with my family, tons of homemade meals, giving people little gifts, all the laughing, and beautiful decorations; there is just so much to enjoy.

I know speaking for myself, it is pretty easy to get caught up in the little things, but there is a time and place for everything (totally interpret this as you wish).

I am one to say that I can sometimes get to caught up in certain things, so here I am writing to possibly make some influence on someone out there.

So a main issue I find myself struggling with is allllllll the food. Seriously there is just so much yumminess that I swear I can smell the frosted sugar cookies, the homemade nut bread, and cheesy potatoes from here.

But really do not worry about it. Eat what you want. I wouldn’t say to eat to the point where you are making yourself feel sick to your stomach, but don’t feel guilty or hold yourself back. It is a time to celebrate. There is nothing wrong with having those cookies or that dessert or this or that. Christmas comes around once a year, so why are we worrying about this and not being fully present with everything around us.


I literally sometimes I believe I have this gift (not a good one though, if that makes sense) to think and view myself into a bad mood. I will actually make a scenario up in my head that will make me feel so glum or just angry. So, I am going to take a wild guess and maybe say I am not the only one out there that does this. Again, this is a time to celebrate and not make random stuff up in our head to take us away from fully being preset in the real world.


Lastly, the only other thing I want to touch on is that if you have the opportunity to be with the people you love, just be there. There is no need to be on our phones for three of the six hours we are at our family party for. Not everyone is always going to be there with you, so just make sure you are there with them.


With that being said, I wish everyone a merry Christmas, a super happy holiday, and just a couple days full of love and appreciation!


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