About Me





Hey everybuggy! My name is Natalie and I’m not entirely sure how to describe myself in an appealing fashion to you all; so here are some random quirks about me.

· I am twenty one years old and in loveeeee with life & the people and dogs in it!
· My nickname has always been “bug”
· I adore adventuring to new places with a good cup of coffee and camera in hand.
· I am currently a senior in college and majoring in Biology (yay to the Earth things)
· I enjoy an odd variety of things from crocheting and “eyeball” baking to running and reading!
· I am an avid organizer and cannot go a single day without planning or journaling something into one of the bazillion notebooks I have.
· I live with my best friend AKA MY BOYFRIEND (yay to being happy 24/7) and I am convinced we have some of the strangest conversations and funniest ideas….. soooo here I am making a blog that may or may not include some of these outrageous moments.

I am hoping this blog will be one to tie together all my random thoughts that are jotted down in my journals, the hundreds of quotes I have written on post-it notes, the candle & coffee pictures collected in my phone, as well as some of my favorite daily reflections. With that being said, go ahead, find your seat and enjoy the show friends!

For business inquires, contact natalieesweeney@gmail.com