all the feels // winter jams playlist

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As the snow begins to cover the sky and act as a blanket for the ground below, it sets an entire winter cozy mood today, I thought it would only be appropriate to come through with my feelsy / moody / winter playlist. These have totally been on repeat since late November now, but they’re definitely still my go-to’s for road trips and chill out tunes.

I’m not really sure how to categorize this playlist, other than it definitely throws you into a whirlwind of thoughts and feels. My music in the winter is drastically different in comparison to the summer; it is much slower and peaceful, rather than the singing along and dancing kind of summer music. Follow the link below to give it a listen & enjoy!

all the feels // winter jams playlist

  1. Stranger // dijon
  2. slow down my thoughts // Zachary Knowles
  3. All Mine // PLAZA
  4. Stolen Moments // Cautious Clay
  5. 310 Bowery // Chelsea Cutler
  6. Flowers // ASTN
  7. Honesty // Pink Sweat$
  8. Hands // Brandt Orange
  9. wake up // Zachary Knowles
  10. Thick And Thin // LANY
  11. Honest // Bazzi
  12. Taxi // EXES
  13. Poison // YAS
  14. Say You Wanna // Lo Nightly
  15. Six Feet Under // Billie Eilish



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