a new chapter // 2019

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Happy New Year!

Now that we have closed the last few chapters of 2018, we are all presented with a new, fresh start full of endless amounts of opportunities and hopeful wishes.

I have come across the words revolving around the idea of how we must sometimes really fall apart to learn how we can pull ourselves back up and put our own pieces back together.

Of course, this may be interpreted in a handful of different ways to lace it’s meaning into each of our own lives; nonetheless this idea will be my underlying intention for the new year.

Putting the pieces back together.

It feels like 2018 came through like a storm and left in one giant swoop. With that being said, I feel like it was a year of taking a few steps forward and many, many steps back. A true growing process, all the while constantly feeling like life could not be any more stagnant.

I am taking this new year as a fresh start to rebuild and create a more intricate foundation for a new life.

With that, I think it is obvious that 2019 is a year that I am focusing on bringing the magic back into life. By focusing more on myself, I have realized that I will be able to give more to others if I have given it all for myself first (hopefully that makes sense).

I keep on getting lost and carried away in my dreams with how I want life to roll out, even though I feel as if these dreamy thoughts change on the regular. By seeking this need to feel like I just want to feel alive again and truly be present, I am going into the new year full of my typical copious amounts of empathy and strong hearted beliefs, but with a mindful twist. A twist with the intention to not overthink, but to also not be too spontaneous that my life goals and plans get pushed too far to the side.

I know this post is all about the new year and how most people may have a list of resolutions to try to enhance their way of life and essentially “be better” than they were before. I really do not want to set any resolutions because I feel like that is a simple solution to change a “problem,” but the way I see it through a new perspective is that I am not a problem, nor is anyone else in the world, so we shouldn’t really seek to “fix” ourselves.

Instead, I see this as a new chapter where we can learn more from our past selves to shift the way we perceive ourselves and one another. This is a time that calls for reflection and new sparks of light to add to our life rather than to change or fix it. I think the growth that comes from within has to have roots in wanting to take action in a way out of respect and love.

I just want to remind everyone that we are all in this life together, even though our chapters in our individual stories do not always align. We cannot compare our chapter four to another’s chapter twenty-three. Growing is a way of life and the way I see it, we are all life-long learners so there is never too dull of a moment to not try to manifest and embrace the best version of yourself at this very moment.

And with that I wish everyone a magical, memorable, and healthy new year!


“Today is the oldest you’ve ever been, and the youngest you’ll ever be again.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt




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