Ten Things to Remember About Life

Ten Things to Remember About Life When the Going Gets Tough


I think the saying goes, when life hands you lemons make lemonade. But first you should try to figure out why you were given lemons and not oranges or strawberries or something a little bit sweeter to begin with.

Just kidding, kinda, not really. After being completely absent here for a little over three months now, I decided to finally make my way back here with some uplifting lessons taken away over the course of the past year. I am trying to reach out of my comfort zone and accept why life can be so ugly but still always allow the beauty to rise above it.

We talk about adjusting and readjusting our lives until we figure out just where we fit as well as looking over to the sunny side even on the darkest days because these seasons never last forever.

1. When life just keeps coming at you with more than you ever thought you can handle, remember it isn’t going to bring you anything more or less than what you are capable of doing.

2. Remember when you were constantly told to make your bed every morning before you go about your day when you were younger? Well now you’re older and really it’s time to make your bed before you do anything else because the smallest of tasks completed only lead into the greater ones afterwards (shoutout to my dad for drilling this into mine and my brothers brains).

3. Have breakfast every morning and do not skip it. I swear by this. If you get so caught up that early in the morning or are running that late to not nourish your body, the day will continue to take a downward spiral until you realize how desperately you need the energy to successfully go about your day.

4. When someone needs a hug, don’t feel embarrassed to be there. Everybody at some point in time just needs some form of embrace of reassurance to remind them that everything will be okay. And most of the time you may be in need of a little hug too so it is always a win-win.

5. When you are truly lost in your tracks with the direction of your life, don’t be afraid to take a step back and look at it from afar. What has changed or what can change? Where do I want to be or how can I even get there?

6. When the sun is shining, get outside and soak it up. Even if it is for ten minutes in between classes or the half hour you have when you get back from work, get out there and enjoy the warmth and the smells and the brightness that the world has to offer. Even on days when we can feel our darkest, we have this earth right in front of us that has an abundance of lightness to share.

7. Even on the days when this life feels so awful, these days cannot last. They always pass by and there is always some opportunity in every day to find a way to smile or laugh. Watch some waves roll in from the shore, laugh as your puppy is sprinting laps in the backyard, read a book that just takes you away from it all.

8. Do not become stagnant and content with where you are. Always want to learn a little bit more each day. Watch documentaries, talk to new people, read all your books, take new classes.

9. If you are not happy with where you are, do not stay there. If you feel suffocated, lost, or uneasy about the state in which you are in physically, mentally, or emotionally; leave. Do not drain yourself anymore, and figure out the best way to readjust yourself to be happy with where you are and what you have.

10. Last but not least, breathe. Trust yourself and try to remember why you are doing what you are doing. There is a process for everything, because of this, life is a process. Not everyone follows the same process, but we all have one in front of us.

The sun will always remember how to shine even after all the days of the pouring rain.


Also would like to give photo credits to my girl @thenatlens for being so amazing behind the camera, check her out on Instagram!

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