Three Things I’ve Learned From My Puppy


Hey there! It has most definitely been awhile since I have posted updated content. I am not going to dwell and give my never ending list of excuses, but we will leave it at life has been WILD ride as of recently. Any who, as promised, here are three things I have learned from my puppy, Lulu, that you may also learn from a dog, your dog, your neighbors dog, and really any animal truly. ENJOYYYY!

1. Wake up as soon as the sun is peeping through the window. Lulu sleeps in bed with me at night and I am not joking when I say she wakes up and is immediately ready to start the day. As soon as she hears the first bird chirp or a crack of sunlight, she is good to go. She hovers over my face and either just stares or nibbles at my chin (these nibbles become more ferocious very quickly if I do not respond to her on time). We get up and scurry over to the front door as she is still learning that she goes potty outside and not wherever she pleases. We walk around for around ten minutes before she plops in front of her food bowl and waits for me to bring her food (she is literally a princess and I am her servant this time of day). These details are besides the point, but they help to demonstrate my cause. Waking up as early and naturally as possible leaves us with more time in the day. Not only that, but it allows us to take our time and move at our own pace when we awake and are in no rush to scurry about our day.

2. You need to go for a walk at least twice a day. Okay, okay, not everyone needs to go for 2 – one mile walks every day like Lulu, rather our own bodies crave physical activity. Lulu will literally go stir crazy if she is cooped up in the apartment for too long. She whines, howls, and barks like a mad woman if she does not get her time to play outside. This is comparable to how humans will get if we do not get our time to breathe outside and move around. We were not meant to be straddled down into our living quarters for extended periods of time. For me, I know I love going on walks with Lu as much as she does, but I also love going for a good run when it is not too chilly or getting my butt into the gym for a good lift if that is what my body is telling me I need.

3. Say hello to everyone and meet as many new faces as possible. Wherever we go, Lulu is constantly observing each person we encounter, whether she looks from afar at a passerby, or she jumps and kisses a new stranger who just became a momentary friend. She just wants to meet new people and say hello, in the most innocent puppy way possible. Everyone who gets the chance to pet and give Lu a hug before we have to go, always leaves with a smile on their face. And this is what I believe the world needs more of. We need to say hello and meet new faces, smile and wave or give them a compliment; make a momentary friend or lifelong friend because we never know how much it may really mean to that someone.

There is many, many more little lessons learned from this crazy girl of mine, but I will save them for later on! Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any favorite life lessons learned from one of your own animal babies!

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