February Music Playlist

phone and earbuds

This month of music is a little different from the last and others to come. As music is very reflective on the individual listening, this playlist exemplifies just that for myself. As these past weeks have been far more difficult to bare than past ones, with different family issues going on, the music is a little more so on the somber side.

This playlist has been on repeat lately, so hopefully a couple of the songs will attract a few new listeners. As always, I listen to all my music through Spotify. Enjoy!

  1. Oblivion // Bastille
  2. Slow It Down // The Lumineers (live version)
  3. Where Does the Good Go // Tegan and Sara
  4. I Miss You // Clean Bandit
  5. Landslide // Fleetwood Mac
  6. Losin Control // Russ
  7. Waves // Dean Lewis
  8. So Easy // Phillip Phillips
  9. Not Today // Imagine Dragons
  10. Don’t Let Me Down // The Chainsmokers – W&W Remix
  11. Goodbye / Believe // Louisa Wendorff
  12. White Lie // The Lumineers
  13. Black Water // Of Monsters and Men
  14. Such Great Heights // Iron & Wine
  15. No One’s Gonna Love You // Band of Horses
  16. Poison & Wine // The Civil Wars


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