50 Self Date Ideas

“The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself.”

-Mark Twain

Acceptance of being alone with yourself can be one of the most difficult necessities to learn in this life. It is at the cost of inner peace and happiness within ourselves where this is a crucial element for our life.

I cannot say that I have always been okay with being alone. It used to be near impossible for me to enjoy where I was and what I may have been doing if I was not with other people. I would feel as if I would miss something important or was not good enough. I used to crave human interaction to the point that when I was left alone I would allow my wandering mind to consistently overthink and criticize myself. I do not know what had changed in me, but now I find my introverted self seeking more and more alone time. I can be happy even when I am not surrounded by anyone other than me

With that being said, here is a list of fifty dates to go on with yourself that are nourishing for your soul and can bring you to life even if you are not usually one to be okay with spending time alone.

-go for a walk
-go for a run
-go on a day trip somewhere new
-take yourself out to breakfast
-try a new coffee shop
-take a spa day
-read a book
-learn something new
-find a new recipe
-bake your favorite meal
-read a new or a favorite book
-practice yoga
-clean and organize your closet
-get a massage
-get a manicure / pedicure
-go for a drive
-write a letter
-learn to journal
-visit an art gallery
-go swimming
-go rollerblading
-go iceskating
-complete a crossword / puzzle / other mind game
-learn to garden
-watch the stars
-create your bucket list
-make a scrapbook
-learn to dance
-take yourself shopping
-go on a picnic
-visit an animal shelter
-binge watch your favorite tv show
-have a movie marathon
-go on a hike
-take pictures of your life
-watch the sunset / sunrise
-play an instrument
-sing out loud
-learn to crochet / knit / sew
-go on a bike ride
-go to a sporting event
-go to a charity event
-go to a park
-write a note to your future self
-clean up around the house
-go horseback riding
-go fishing
-go to the beach

Feel free to comment down below if you have any other self date ideas to contribute!



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