Workout 1: Leg Circuit

Alrighty friends, I just did this workout today and came home absolutely dripping in sweat, head to toe and I feel this would be the perfect workout to start off this series for the blog. This is perfect for any beginner and individuals already familiar in the gym.

  1. 5 Sets:
    • 20 jump squats
    • 1 min. wall sit
  2. 4 Sets:
    • 10 reps weighted squat
    • 10 reps stiff leg deadlift
  3. 3 Sets:
    • 12 leg extensions
    • 12 hamstring curls
  4. 5 Sets:
    • 20 cable crunches (normal crunches are cool too)
    • 20 weighted reverse lunges (10 each leg)
    • 1 min. plank
  5. 1 Set:
    • 15 min. on stair master to burn out legs

I’d like to mention before I finish this post that I have held a NCSf certification in personal training, so the workouts listed from here on out may be taken as you see fit. Before referring to any workout program, consulting with your physician is recommended. Again, these exercise routines and circuits provided are only suggestions that be performed and interpreted as you wish.

Good luck and sweat it allllllll out!

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