2018 Resolutions: The Preface

happy days ahead signNew Years are always filled with new goals and small promises we make to ourselves and others. It’s a fresh start to do something for others and ourselves.

I often find myself making more physical goals over internal and mental goals. Meaning, I’ll say like hey i want to run a six minute mile this year by my birthday or i want to be able to squat my body weight again.

We all are probably a bit too familiar with this by now, but we stick to it for some time and then we get semi off track and tell ourselves it’s no longer tangible and then we break down internally how we aren’t good enough to be able to do this.

So this year, I am taking a new approach for myself and hoping maybe others will find this approach could work for them also.

To preface my new thinking and route I’m trying to follow this year, this past year (2017) was one of my more challenging years. It brought a lot of change and times that brought upon plenty of overthinking and worrying. It tore me to shreds some days to the point where it took all of my energy to get myself out of bed and became incredibly difficult to then fall asleep. I felt this immense overload of so called life and at times it was unbearable to do the simplest things like make myself dinner or get out of the house.

I started last year with such a strong mindset and was so tuned into all these things I wanted to accomplish. Somewhere along the way, around the time I moved out a couple hours away from my family, I convinced myself that I wasn’t good enough or capable of reaching these goals.

So this year (2018) I am determined to see myself from another perspective. I am focusing on working on myself from the inside out, remembering that every breath taken is just another opportunity to start again.

Along those lines I am working toward seeing as many situations possible from a positive standpoint and accepting that this situation has happened because I am able to overcome and deal with it to make myself stronger.

Some small things that I think are important to keep in mind are taking small steps and make those small goals that ultimately lead up to this larger picture we see for ourselves. Set them to be challenging yet tangible and not out of hand.

For example, a common resolution or goal that I hear is reading “x” books in a year. Instead, I find it more beneficial to say I will read 10 pages of a book every day. In this sense it is much more realistic and does not seem overwhelming. And in the long run, I would like to assume 10 pages at times may be nothing for some individuals, as they may go to read much more than those ten pages, so it adds up pretty quickly.

With these internal resolutions that we are consistently working toward, it should make such physical and other goals more simple to attain. They go hand and hand as they fine tune our state of mind to create a more precise pathway full of guidance.

With the hopes of gaining internal strength, freedom, and optimism, our physical resolutions that do not come from within ourselves will present themselves in a direct fashion.

My resolutions, goals, and priorities for 2018 will be the next blog post. So if you are looking for some inspiration or are curious as to what my personal plans are, stay tuned and sign up to receive email notifications below!

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