Winter Essentials

The official winter season is here and better than ever! Living in New York is definitely an experience and a half when it comes to this season. The fluffy snowflakes, white coated trees, and hot cocoa make the world seem like a little fairytale land for basically a fourth of the year.

With all the beauty that comes with winter it is so incredibly important to make sure you are equipped with the right necessities to help you get through the next couple months. For me, I cannot function if I am too cold (basically like a little child over here) so I make sure to prepare myself a bit earlier. Here is a compiled list of some of my top essentials to have this winter.

winter tree line.jpg

Winter Essentials:

·Fuzzy Socks. Mostly everyone out there is completely aware as to how necessary these beautiful gifts from the fuzzy gods are, but I just could not skip out on mentioning them even for a brief second. My all time favorites are the Cabin Socks that can be found almost everywhere. They are seriously the coziest socks to keep your toes warm! They also come in so many varieties of patterns and colors and are absolutely adorable. Not only that, but they can totally be dressed down with leggings or dressed up with jeans and a nice sweater. The other brand of socks that I adore this time of year are the basic fluffy ones with the holiday graphic designs covering every inch of them at Target! They are seriously such a bargain and completely fulfill the job of fuzzy socks.

·Cozy Blankets. This is another one that is basically a given for the colder times of the year; however, I have to share one of the best gifts I have ever received. An electric heating blanket… for your car! I am not even kidding this has literally saved me from freezing so many times, I wish I knew that these were a thing years ago! The one I use is a heated fleece by Trillium Worldwide and it works so amazing I would definitely recommend it to everyone! The other blanket that I adore for use at home is from Target aka it is basically available to everyone (p.s. I was just in target two days ago and they had a huuuuge selection and deals on so many fuzzy blankets…. highly recommend you check them out if you get the chance). As for the details that makes it amazing to curl up in every night, the blanket is so big that it wraps around me at least three times. It is so thick and soft, that it is what I’d imagine it would be like laying in the clouds or being surrounded in a human shield made up of cozy fabric.

dog in blanket

·Knit Scarves. My favorite woven scarf is one that I wear almost every. single. day. (no joke). The color is beautiful and it is so incredible at keeping me warm at all times. You can see it all over my Instagram feed this time of year. It is from Free People so the quality is absolutely amazing! The other knit scarves that I find to be absolutely amazing for the price is from Old Navy. Seriously, I have had this scarf for at least five years. These scarves manage to make it to the store every year so I can bank on always picking up.

·Surplus of your Favorite Tea. So this one definitely varies upon each individual, but if you’re tea savvy, like myself, you probably have this at the top of your lists as well! Some of my personal favorites are the Peppermint Tea (perfect for the season) from Bigelow Tea and Cold Be Gone Tea from For Teas Sake. It is really soothing on the throat and refreshingly warms the body all at the same time, even if you don’t have a cold like the name suggests.

tea time

·Good Reads. Quality books are always on the list of essentials, no matter the time of year, but often we experience the school delays or work closings from the crazy weather. In this case, it can get pretty boring if you are stuck home, and do not want to clean or watch television all day. This calls for the perfect time to curl up in your favorite blanket (aka reference back to the ones listed above) and read something to ease your mind. My favorite that I just recently read was The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein. You all, I cannot encourage everyone to read this book enough. It made me tear up, laugh out loud, and smile nearly every. single. chapter. It is life being told from an old dog’s perspective and it is absolutely heart warming. You can definitely expect a full post about my favorite books with this one included.

book reading

·Hand Warmers. I mentioned this earlier, but I am totally one to be shivering with a red nose all day every day and these little guys save me every time. Give them a quick little shake for a minute or two, toss them in your pockets and use as needed. They can be found usually everywhere, particularly Target and Walmart I keep them in my car, at home, and in my bag at all times. They become very helpful in the least expected occasions, so make sure to stock up on these this year! You can also stick with the old fashion and also very necessary route and wear your all time favorite mittens 24/7 like me!

· Easy Soup Recipes. It’s freezing. You’re feeling a tad lazy. And have no clue what to make for dinner. Been there and done that (still do all the time actually). Seriously it is so relieving to find soup stocked away in your pantry or the ingredients scattered throughout the kitchen for an easy and delicious dinner. My go-to soups are definitely the basic tomato soup or vegetable lentil & roasted red pepper soup by the brand Pacific. Or just keep basic soup ingredients that you can whip up with ease. Some of my favorites things to add into a vegetable broth are potatoes, garbanzo beans, spinach, carrots, broccoli, onion, and all the spices I can get my hands on!


·At Home Workout Routine. This varies from person to person; however, on the days when you cannot get out of the house, but just know deep down you need to get the blood flowing, a quick at home workout sweat is totally worth it. Whether this be a quick walk on the dusty treadmill you may have in the basement, a circuit routine you can do in the living room, or a calming yoga flow, you will be left satisfied and ready to keep plugging away at the day.

stetching lady.jpg

·Candles. The days are a lot shorter and so it is dark before dinner time now. This can totally make you feel a little gloomy and down, it happens to me all the time. So it is incredibly important to take care of yourself. I like to do this by lighting a couple candles, usually scented ones that coordinate with the season! I am obsessed with Yankee Candle (like everybuggy else) and the little knick knack, off brand ones that can be found at places like T.J. Maxx or your local markets.

lit candle

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