Date Ideas

“But what should we do tonight?????”

This is the oh so incredibly dreadful question we despise to hear from that significant other. It’s not that we always do not know what we should do, but rather there are so many options that it is so difficult to decide. Or the days when we just want to be the ultimate homebody and do not want to even attempt to drag ourselves out of the house. But no frets, seriously there are plenty of things to do on the days when we want to stay in or go out or do a little bit of both. Here is a list of thirty activities that everyone should be able to find an activity to enjoy!

couple holding hands

Date Ideas:

·Make a fort in the living room and pair it with popcorn and movies

·Early morning cartoons and cinnamon buns in bed

·Go out to brunch together

out to breakfast

·Go ice skating or rollerblading

·Go on a picnic

·Workout together at home, outside, or at the gym

couple boxing

·Visit and tour a museum

·Make a fancy homemade dinner


·Volunteer to do something for someone else

·Dress up and go see a show

·Go berry or apple or pumpkin picking depending on the season

blueberry picking

·Visit the farmers market or flea market

·Go antique shopping

·Have a board game night

puzzle pieces

·Go hiking or kayaking somewhere near you

kayak NYC

·Watch the sunset or sunrise

·Go on a bike ride and explore where you are

bike near ocean

·See a concert

·Read a book together

couple reading

·Play a soccer or basketball or football outside together

·Go to a beach

·Draw a picture together

·Paint a canvas for one another


·Walk and grab a coffee or tea together


·Cook for each other

·Go fishing or swimming in the rain


·Start a garden

·Go to a sporting event

·Go mini golfing or to the driving range

·Take a class and learn something new together


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