Avocado Toast

If you have been following more of the foodie trends as of recently you are most definitely familiar with the amazement of avocados and their versatility with foods. This is no surprise that I would have to give my take on one of my go-to meals.

The combination of avocado on plain toast is wonderful itself, but with a couple more additions such as strawberries and cucumbers, it is absolutely divine. So let’s jump into the recipe!


·2 slices of bread (I find that I enjoy it most with Ezekiel Bread)

·1/2 of an avocado

·5 medium strawberries

·1/2 of a cucumber


·Salt and pepper*


1. Toast bread and slice avocado in half (remove pit if needed).

2. Spread avocado on toast, then add salt and pepper to taste along with fresh basil.

3. Stack slices of cucumber and strawberries on top.

4. Eat Up!


*Basil is optional and may be excluded if not available to you.

*Salt and pepper are also optional and may be disregarded.

basil plants

This delicious snack or meal is the perfect combination of savory and sweet. The cucumber and strawberry addition adds a sweet, refreshing taste that pairs perfectly with the mashed avocado. I promise if you love your fruits and veggies like me, you will also learn to love this version of avocado toast!


avo toast


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